The Green Party, endorsed by The Pirate Party and European Democrats

1 You have a right to live in a green city

– We will plant new trees in the streets of Prague 2 wherever possible

– We will place more benches in public spaces

– We will support further development of community gardens, based on the successful Smetanka Green Garden

2 You have a right to live a life of dignity and happiness in the place you call home

– We will offer starter flats to young families

– We will help seniors deal with their living arrangements so that they do not have to move out of their lifelong homes

– We will extend town hall services for children and youth in need, and establish a low-threshold community centre

3 You have a right to feel safe in the city

– Gambling bars are centres of criminality. We will close all remaining gambling bars in Prague 2.

– We want Prague 2 to be safe and drug-free. We will expand prevention and intervention programmes, as they offer an effective solution to the drug problem.

– We will support programmes that help the homeless find a way out of their difficult situation

4 You have a right to put your children in high-quality kindergartens and elementary schools accessible to everyone

– We will make sure there is a kindergarten spot for every child from Prague 2

– We will improve the quality of food served in school cafeterias

– We will support greater diversification of elementary schools (specializing in music, sports, languages etc.)

5 You have a right to live in a city that takes care of municipal properties responsibly

– The municipality must manage council flats efficiently, not sell them below cost

– We will take a stand against property speculators who cause buildings to decay

– We will exit non-functional agreements with property administrators and strive for transparent management of municipally-owned apartment buildings

6 You have a right to use comfortable public transport

– We will pursues the humanization of the motorway passing through Prague 2, including a decrease in the number of cars

– We will implement quiet zones where pedestrians have right of way over cars. We will increase the number of pedestrian crossings to improve pedestrian safety in Prague 2.

– We will support cycling as a means of transport through changes to traffic signs

7 You have a right to have a transparent and accommodating town hall

– We will introduce a transparent and interactive municipal budget, accessible on-line

– We will publish all town hall contracts, orders and invoices on-line

– We will use the proceeds from privatization for strategic investments, mainly into public services (availability of kindergartens, senior homes, planting trees)

8 You have a right to municipal support for your business

– We will make parking in zones more accessible to traders

– We will prioritize diversity of services for the public when leasing space in municipally-owned buildings

– We will support tourism, which will benefit local businesses and restaurants

For any questions please contact us on zeleni.praha2@zeleni.cz. We speak English, German, French, Italian and Russian. Your Greens, Prague 2.

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