PLATFORM 2022-2026

The apartments of this neighborhood are meant to be lived in, not to be used for political games.

We want a fundamental change in housing policy. Prague 2 is not only for the rich. There are currently approximately 400 city-owned apartments that sit empty, which is a failure of the municipal administration. 

We will work to make the apartments of Prague 2 available for long-term living and fight against their use as illegal accommodation for tourists. The apartments of our city are best used by residents for living, not for running a hotel business. 

We will introduce a transparent point system for allocating social apartments. We will end the current practice in which the fate of people in need is decided by subjective impression of officials and politicians. 

We will protect locals from eviction due to rising rents and the cost of utilities.

We will stop the senseless practice of the city only offering fixed-period contracts for municipal apartments. Currently, only contracts for 1 to 3 years are offered, and then must be repeatedly renewed,  which leads to excessive bureaucracy and uncertainty for tenants.

We will launch the “Housing first” project to help protect people against homelessness. 


We want cheaper and cleaner energy in this neighborhood. 

In response to the advancing climate and energy crisis, we will select buildings in Prague 2 and develop it and manage it so that its energy consumption is provided entirely from renewable sources. We will support the creation and development of energy communities – areas of the city that share and manage a renewable energy source. 

Prague 2 has 10 primary schools which could become solar power sites as part of a pilot project. We want elementary school buildings to become part of the first phase of the energy self-sufficiency program. In the next phase, municipal buildings would be added, and the city would provide interest-free loans for solar panels for residents wanting to add solar panels or other renewable energy sources. Clean and cheap energy is the future.


In this neighborhood, we want to listen to the residents.

Prague 2 paid 35 million crowns for the new area in Folimanka Park under the Nuselsky Most. This is really too much, given that the current management of the town hall did not take into account any citizen comments on the project. In addition to the Folimanka Park project, Kuželna in Horská is also worth mentioning: a place where you can sense Hrabal’s poetry, an island of joy and community. During the revitalization of such places, we will have an open dialogue with everyone in the community, so that the spirit of these living, historical places is not lost.


We don’t want to die of heat stroke in this neighborhood.

We will plant trees in the streets wherever possible, including the larger streets. A street with trees is healthier, more attractive, and cooler. We will not only plant the trees, but make sure they are professionally cared for.

We will support neighborhood planting and care for the plants and flower beds along our streets. We will provide free advice on growing plants and trees in our urban setting.

We will place water fountains and drinking fountains in public spaces.

We will want to ensure conservation of drinking water, and we will manage the public buildings of Prague 2 to make sure it is not wasted and not used wherever the use of non-potable water is possible.


In this neighborhood, we want to be able to breathe. 

There should not be through-transport in the city center. We will reduce traffic on the Magistrala.  We will work to transform the Magistrala from a busy highway into a calm boulevard.

We will work to make Náměstí I.P. Pavlova a pleasant city square for humans, not cars, and we will create a  pedestrian zone on Yugoslavska Street.

Urban cycling must be safe. Where possible, we will introduce separate, dedicated and protected bike lanes. This will ensure safety for the cyclists themselves, along with pedestrians and motorists. We will introduce two lane biking in one way streets for cars.


In this neighborhood, we want to walk on the sidewalk. 

We will set and enforce rules for shared riding bikes, scooters, and similar vehicles in Prague 2. Following the example of the Cyril System that is operating in Prague 3, we will set up sufficient reserved parking areas for these vehicles, which will contribute to the safe movement of everyone on roads and sidewalks. 


We will have transparency in public tenders and spending. 

We will introduce participatory budgeting with the participation of citizens in the decisions on the use of city funds. 

In order to submit a bid for a public contract, we will always solicit competitive bids from at least five companies with which the district has had positive experience in the past; groups that have produced quality work for the city.  We will also publish notices about the procurement procedure for small-scale contracts on the websites of the contracting authority and that of the Municipal District Office. 

We will extend the deadline from the publication of the call for tenders to the submission deadline to no less than 15 days in order to allow a larger number of bidders to participate in the contract competition.

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