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EU citizens can vote in Prague’s municipal elections

If you have temporary or permanent residence in Prague, and you are a citizen of an EU country, you have the right to vote in upcoming local elections.

Local city governments have great influence on quality-of-life at the neighborhood level, and voting is a powerful way to have your voice heard.

All of Prague, including Prague 2, will hold local elections on 23-24 September. You can vote in these September elections if:

  • You are at least 18 years old by voting day
  • You are a citizen of an EU member state
  • You have temporary or permanent or residence in Prague (Přechodný pobyt or Trvalý pobyt)

In order to vote, you must first register with your local city district office. Registering is fast and easy to do.

The easiest way to assure that you have the right to vote is to register at least 48 hours before election day (i.e, before 21 September). You can register in person or by mail. Legally, you can register to vote on election day at your polling place, but you can avoid complications and delays if you register now.

Please note that If you registered for a previous election, election authorities will have your ballot ready for you at your polling place.

Registering to vote in Prague 2

In-person registration

Registering in person takes a few minutes, but it is the easiest way. You can register directly at the Prague 2 District office, during office hours on Mondays or Wednesdays (náměstí Míru 600/20, 120 39, Prague 2). Look for the Odbor správních agend office.

It is not necessary to fill out anything in advance. The staff there can help you with the application.

You will need to have with you:

  • proof of identity and EU citizenship (your identity card or passport)
  • a permanent residence permit or a certificate of temporary residence in Prague 2 (Potvrzení o přechodném pobytu na území or Potvrzení o trvalém pobytu)

Address, contact names and office hours:

  • Odbor správních agend, office 114, first floor
  • Tel. 00420 236 044 313, e-mail: ondrej.jicha@praha2.cz
  • Office Hours:
    • Monday: 8:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 17:30
    • Wednesday: 8:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 17:30

Registration by written request

If you prefer, you can register by post, or using Datova schranka.

You will need to submit three documents:

  • a completed application for registration to the voter list (You can find a copy of the form here on Google Docs).
  • a copy of your identity and EU citizenship document (identity card or passport)
  • a copy of your Prague 2 temporary or permanent residence permit 

Send these documents by post to Prague 2 – MČ Praha 2, Odbor správních agend, náměstí Míru 600/20, 120 39, Praha 2. If you prefer, you can submit the three documents using Datova schranka to: y7yb44i

What happens after I register?

A few days before the election, you will receive a paper ballot by post. The envelope will indicate your constituency code (kód volebního okrsku). You will use this code to determine your polling place.

If you do not receive the ballot documents, or if you lose them, they will also be available at polling stations on election day.

If you have any questions about the polling location or the voting procedure, contact Ondřej Jícha (tel. 00420 236 044 313, e-mail: ondrej.jicha@praha2.cz) or Greens of Prague 2: monika.horakova@zeleni.cz

What if I don’t register in time?

If you do not register to vote at least 48 hours before the elections of 23-24 September, go to your polling place anyway. Bring the identifying documents described above, and the members of the election commission will register you on the spot. However, this procedure may take a little longer and there is a risk of language barriers, so we recommend registering ahead of time using one of the methods described above.

Meet our candidates, learn about our platform, and let your voices be heard.

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